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At the Onset of Extinction (Blackened Death Metal)


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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) This album is just so uncompramisingly raw.  The gutteral vocals and more grindcore screeches are extreme metal to the core.  D-beats and melding of simple chord progressions with melodic tremolo lines fuse the words of crust, melodeath, and blackened death nicely.  And that bass rumble is an ever-present visage of brutality. Favorite track: Envisioned in Scars.
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Finnish death metal group with members of SOLOTHUS have decided to take a step ahead, leaving behind their old school death metal past but not entirely. SEPULCHRAL CURSE have weaned on the Scandinavian black metal influences and merged it with their irrepressible Finnish brand of death metal, forging a sound that's steely and unique. Reminiscent of early CONVULSE, TRIBULATION, BOLZER, DISSECTION, DAWN, NAGLFAR, DEMIGOD and PUTREVORE all rolled into one, the music is extremely refreshing in its scope, majestic in its drive and lethal in its execution. While old school revivalists are dime a dozen, here's one daring to do something different using the time-tested DNA of Finnish death metal without compromising on the heaviness. Classic-tinged, immaculate, and progressive.






- "unique sound" - Decibel Magazine (US)

- "definitely more complex than your average straight-to-the-point OSDM" - Metal Injection (US)

- "a perfect example how to create unique Death Metal" - Voices from the Darkside (Germany)

- "A must buy!" - Lords of Metal (Netherlands)

- " a fantastic EP" - Amps and Green Screens (UK) 4.5/5

- "eerie, almost gothic atmosphere” - Legacy Magazine (Germany)

- "powerful statement is made for death metal in 2016" - The Killchain (UK)

- "excellent" - Imperiumi (Finland)

- "amazing old school death metal" - Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

- "must hear death" - Metal Riot (US)

- "blackened death metal for the modern age" - Two Guys Metal Reviews (France)

- "great" - Nine Circles (US)

- "something more profound" - Mega Metal (Germany)

- "original approach to playing" - Masterful Magazine (Poland)

- "a punk version of raw Swedish Death Metal" - Crossfire Metal (Germany)

- "very interesting display of black/death metal" - No Clean Singing (US)

- "God help me" - Third Eye Cinema (US)

- "fine death metal" - XXL Rock (Germany)

- "an admirable effort" - Maximum Metal (UK)

- "Finland is where my favorite tones come from!" - Merchants of Air (Belgium)

- "Highly recommended" - Wonderbox Metal (UK)

- "an ever-present visage of brutality" - Metal Trenches (US)

- "great" - Blackened Death (US)

- "A small star" - Disfactory (Italy)


released December 15, 2016

2016 Transcending Obscurity Records /



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Sepulchral Curse Turku, Finland

Death Metal from Turku, Finland.

Drums & Vocals - Tommi Ilmanen
Vocals - Kari Kankaanpää
Guitars - Jaakko Riihimäki
Bass - Niilas Nissilä
Guitars - Aleksi Luukka

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Track Name: Envisioned in Scars
And there it was;
The vast desert on the palm of my hand
An ocean of black sands
Without borders or name
Only seen by those
Who are willing to see

An angel flew across the landscape
Faceless and obscure
Singing songs of salvation
Redemption thru’ self-harm and suicide

“Acts of violence are of God and thus divine”
Said the tongue of drought
Somewhere in the labyrinth
Of my mind

Are these sensations of pain
Reflections of my true nature
Or broken images
From a meaningless dream
That ends as surely as
The life itself

A shadow flew across the landscape
Shapeless and enigmatic
Shrieking songs of salvation
Redemption thru’ self-harm and suicide

There it was;
The vast black desert
And I
In the middle of everything

Every single cell of my body
Screaming in cacophonous unison
Slowly drowning
Into the circle of consumption
Track Name: In Purifying Essence
Falling through white marble skies
Floating in the primordial waters
Where all the thoughts and words are born
A total death trip

Have you ever tried to reach
The shadows in the corners of your eyes
And suddenly got devoured
By the jaws of abyssal darkness

Cleanse me! Purify me
From the memories and deeds that I am
Devour my heart and flesh
Let them be reborn as a new me

Inside my true mothers womb
I murdered myself multiple times
And the corpses gave birth
To a seven headed beast

Again... A total death trip
Fly across the shining marble
Drown in the stygian streams
A total death trip!

Cleanse me! Purify me
From the memories and deeds that I am
Devour my heart and flesh
Let them be reborn as a new me
Track Name: Gospel of Bones
Inside the circle of pain, of fear
and cold reality of hopelessness
Did you really believe
that the seeds of consolation would bloom here

Mass consumption of blood and souls
Let their every cell become a part of this offering

Their throats are cut
by the shards of broken promises
Broken like this world of glass
Broken like the spine of Yahweh

Mass dissolution of blood and souls
Let the womb of horrors open again

And we shall sing a song
for the new order in burning heaven
Upon the throne of shattered bones
Praised be that day

Every mouth chanting the strangest prayer
in the name of the angel of thousand forms
Who once will crawl forth
from the womb of death
...praised be that day!
Track Name: Disrupting Lights of Extinction
The mistress of the dead appears
Not to be dressed in black
But in varying shades of red
Like the certain countess

The crescent is her sword
And the sun is the spirits of fiery death
Summoned through
Our throats and wounds

And soon we all bathe in blood
Like the certain lady once in Cachtice

Where will your gods be
When your sons grow foolish and impotent
And you are too weak
To fight for a proper future

Where will your faith be
When your daughters carry barren wombs
Giving birth to
The new defeats of tomorrow

During the days of total genocide
We float like ashen grey flakes
And watch the worlds of men burn
Just like they deserve

No hope at the end of the darkest road
Just plain, simple, quick crack in the neck

And we will watch the world burn
Just like it deserves
In the scorching fires of Ragnarök
It shall be made as new